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Workbasket – Blue & White Shawl

(AKA: Knitted Shawl. Very Small Diamond Pattern): Because of the first sentence of this pattern, this has always been the "Blue & White Shawl". Working from Victorian era knitting patterns can be a challenge for a couple of reasons: needles were sized differently, types of yarn were described differently or are no longer being made,… Continue reading Workbasket – Blue & White Shawl

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Workbasket Wednesday – 4 New Projects/One Old

Blue & White Shawl: I have wanted to knit this shawl for many years, ever since Daisy gave me this blue yarn that she spun. The title of this shawl pattern is "Blue and White Shawl". The white yarn is reclaimed from a white angora beret that was purchased at the Goodwill Bin store. The… Continue reading Workbasket Wednesday – 4 New Projects/One Old



Dolly Dearest: The under petticoat and the over petticoat are finished. They. Don't. Fit. The under petticoat really only goes 1/2 around. If it had been tried on before perhaps I would have made 2. the over petticoat doesn't go down over her head. It just leaves her arms stuck above her head. (sigh) You'd… Continue reading Workbasket

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Workbasket Wednesday – Starting A New Craft

Daughters of Genius: Last Friday was April's Quilt Club at Grandma's Attic Sewing Emporium. We are up to block #8.  This month was about Adelaide Anne Procter, a poet.  To just say that she was amazing is a serious understatement. Dickens was her contemporary and a fan of her work. There have been so many… Continue reading Workbasket Wednesday – Starting A New Craft


Workbasket – Baby Steps are still progress

Denim Scarf: 21.5 inches of lacey-lacey goodness I have been working on this scarf, here and there, for multiple years now. Being stubborn and committed to finishing projects (right now) ;-), I add to (and sometimes subtract - let's be real, it is still me) this a little bit nearly every evening. Last night I… Continue reading Workbasket – Baby Steps are still progress

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Workbasket – Getting Back On Track

There was a time that I would go to Grandma's Attic Monthly quilt club meeting, come right home, make the quilt block, do the "extra" project (usually embroidery) and have it all done right away.  I look fondly back on those days.  I have mentioned that this year Grandma's theme is "Daughters of Genius". I… Continue reading Workbasket – Getting Back On Track

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Workbasket Wednesday – Tying up Loose Ends

Last week, I mentioned finding another soft-book panel in my stash.  When I removed the staples and opened it up... it was a panel, but not for making a soft-book. While it is still cute, it is more for making a quilt top. I thought that I had already mentioned the finishing of the Dr.… Continue reading Workbasket Wednesday – Tying up Loose Ends

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Oh so close to being finished This was a project that packs small, so it got to go with me on the weekend away to Tillamook. This is the last towel in the set of 7. I will finally be able to send it to whom it was intended, several years ago. Gson#2's ties They… Continue reading Workbasket

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A modest amount of progress on the Dolly Dearest Project. I had some time while waiting in the car. I made good use of it. Gson#2 had asked for his mom to buy him a tie. She told him that he should ask me, and of course I said "yes". My only question to him… Continue reading Workbasket

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Workbasket ~ Nearing Finish Line on Several Projects

WIPs: Potluck Cowl: So close! I nearly finished the cowl. I decided to sew-off the binding to retain maximum stretchy-ness. At our Google meet knitting group, I was earnestly sewing the binding off when DC exclaimed. She thought that I was frogging this project (again) when she saw the long string of yarn being pulled… Continue reading Workbasket ~ Nearing Finish Line on Several Projects