2019 Disney trip – Day 1

This trip has been in the planning stages since around 2007. We got serious about the planning last year. Today was the culmination of all the planning. Myself, my son, his wife, G. Sons #1 & #2, my sister, her husband, her two daughters, their partners, grandkids #1-#7, my brother, his wife, his two boys all met up in the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland.

Make sure that you don’t take a selfie stick, they are NOT allowed.

Our first stop was in tomorrow land, Finding Nemo submarine ride. This was an updated and modernized version of 20,000 leagues under the sea. The original version was my favorite ride. The modern version was pretty good and the grandkids really related and loved it.

Today was “Dapper Dan” day. There were so many people (men and women) that were dressed up as if they were in the 1950’s. It was wonderful!

The second ride we went on was the Autopia. The cars were loosely on rails on a track. G.son #2 rode with me, I let him drive. He loved it! I’m pretty sure that G.son#1 liked it too!

We wanted to go small world but the wait was 45 minutes, and with small children that was way too long. So we headed to Toon Town. This was so much fun!! It was also my first time to Toon Town. The love-loved it!! We road the spinning cars in Roger Rabbit’s wild ride and then the roller coaster in Toon Town. G.son #1 (5) and G.son #2 (3) both loved the roller coaster.

It was getting pretty late for little people and the plan was to walk back to the hotel, but as we passed the Small World ride, the line was only twenty minutes. One last ride it was!

Uncle Chuck bought the swirly lolly pops for all the grand babies and then we wimped out, walking the three blocks back to the hotel for bedtime. In the hotel they had made a cute wash cloth swan and a tissue paper lotus flower.