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Laguna Seca – Day 7

This morning, during the morning run, I did a gravity check again.  As before it was because I was distracted and not watching where I was going.  I was trying to look down a side road to see the front of an interesting looking building. As I gave a running step off the curb, my left ankle crumpled under me.  Twisting to the right I landed on the back of my right shoulder and my left hip, right in the middle of the road that I was crossing.  My hip and shoulder were bruised by my pride was sore wounded.  DW said that this “combat roll” had no style points. harmph.

Breakfast was at the Sugar Shack Diner,

the whole reason why we came to Red Bluff in the first place.  We were not disappointed.  It is a much larger location than the previous one and the food was equally as good as the time before:

As we left Red Bluff we entered this road with this sign.  The last time that we saw this sign was the very first time that I took a motorcycle trip, 2005.

The trick to this road was that it was closed, in the middle, due to construction. Except for one hour.  We needed to get to this point after they opened and before it was closed again.  We only needed to enter the near side before it closed, then we would be able to still get out the other side when we got there.  We made it, but just.

The closer we got to the California coast, the colder it got.  We decided to stop in a wide spot along the side of the road and add layers.


As I was waiting, I noticed that there was a few ripe thimbleberries across the road.  Stomping across, I gathered up the 3 ripe berries.  I placed them in a spare piece of plastic. I had gathered them for the seeds.  I hadn’t been able to order any plants or seeds.  Even if I had, they were charging $1 a seed!  Hopefully I will be able to get at least a couple of viable seeds.

Upon arriving in Eureka and taking off my helmet, a bee fell out of my hair!  How it got into my helmet was a mystery to me.


We wanted to end our riding day in Eureka, to be able to eat dinner at Lost Coast Brewery.  Since it was such a short riding day, we took some time to walk around Eureka looking at all the lovely Victorian buildings, homes and businesses.

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While we were out on our walkabout, we also came across the Eureka Inn.

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A historic Inn that has had many famous people stay there.  We also found that it cost the same as the place that we usually stay.  The same price with much more history and charm…guess where we will stay next time?

We also managed to go to quilting stores and a book store!

As we planned, dinner was at Lost Coast Brewery

For such a short riding day, we managed to pack a lot in!

Daily Stats:

running: 3.73 miles

steps: 20,537

miles ridden: 158

seat time: