Late Christmas Gifts – finally delivered!!

Some gifts did not get done in time.  I just got behind in my knitting.  M&M, my nephews in North Carolina had to wait to get their gifts.  They were also getting hats and scarves.  Because the hats are quick, I started with those.  I figured that I could make the hats and send them off, finishing the scarves as I could and mail them when they were finished too.  One likes Green and one likes Yellow.  I decided to make them the reverse of each other.  One hat would be green with yellow stripes and the other would be yellow with green stripes.  I was quite proud of my cleverness because yellow and green are also their high school colors.  I finished them and got to looking at them and they REALLY looked like Oregon Ducks hats.  That wouldn’t be a bad thing (actually I am not sports driven and didn’t think about it until one of the knitting ladies mentioned it. sigh.) My brother, M&M’s father, went to Oregon State… Beavers.  I HAD to do something! I decided to ‘frog’ down to the stripes and fix this. Just to double check, I went online and looked up the school colors.  Not yellow and green like I had been assuming, but green and white. OK then.


Here are the two hats with the green one frogged down past the yellow stripes.  I started with the green hat because the fix was pretty simple and it would give me time to think about what I wanted to do with the yellow hat.  For the green hat I would just replace the yellow stripes with white ones.


Here is the green hat all reworked with the white stripes.  This appears to be a good solution.  I will mirror these changes in the scarf, when I am able to get to it.

Working in the threads
The stripes were not the only issue…

The yellow hat rework is a little different.  The hat is going to be yellow, that’s all there is to it.  But I also wanted to work in the school colors on this hat too without it screaming Oregon Ducks.  I also saw that I had partially dropped a stitch (or split the yarn) a few rows below the stripes.  Since I was already frogging down past the stripes, what is a few more rows?

The other hat is green with two white stripes, but it can also be looked at as a green hat with a white stripe, a green stripe and another white stripe.  So this is what I decided to do  on the yellow hat too.  A white stripe, green stripe and another white stripe.

Here are the twice completed hats

Because I am so far behind with this gift, I am going to wrap them up and mail them off.  The scarves will follow when they are finished.

On that note, I’ve already stared on them…

Starting of scarf #1

As long as I can complete this much each day, I should be able to finish both scarves by the end of January.  I will be happy with at least that much progress.


2 thoughts on “Late Christmas Gifts – finally delivered!!

  1. The hats turned out great! Sorry about my duck comment. I’m particularly aware of duck and beav colors because my daughter and son-in-law are rivals!