Workbasket – Easter sweaters FINALLY finished

Hello again!  I finally finished the sweaters about 2 weeks ago, but with being on a motorcycle (posts coming soon, I hope) vacation, it didn’t leave much time to show you.  I really did get my monies worth from this yarn.  I knit and frogged , knit and frogged, up to four times for one sweater.  Then there was the whole “getting stolen” fandango… Without further ado, let’s look at some pictures!

large 1916 sailor sweater
Finally getting the grey contrasting color
Contrasting band at the bottom of the sweater looks great
at some point I managed to get peanut butter on the sweater
grease mark from the peanut butter on the front side of the sweater
large sweater ready to be sewn together
small sweater with it’s new and improved grey collar. Still need to weave in the ends…
Large sweater all done! just needs to be laundered to remove the peanut butter grease stain

The wonderful news is that the grease stain came right out.  I still need to get a wide navy blue ribbon to simulate the silk ties that are traditional on US naval dress uniforms.  Then I will be ready to give them to the Gsons, just in time for our heat wave.

5 thoughts on “Workbasket – Easter sweaters FINALLY finished

  1. The sweater turned out great! Even if it was a monumental feat! You are making me want to finish my cable sweater for Charlotte. Just not excited about graphing the chart backward for the second front! Once I get going, it should be all good!