Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt – Progress #8

Progress post #7 on this quilt project was ages ago (November). If you remember back in original posting of the quilt block patterns, I’d missed the eighth, Bleeding Heart block. It ended up being posted as the last block pattern. Using this long hiatus in progress posting as a “re-set”, I decided to make the bleeding heart block before going forward with later ones.

Most of my quilt block patterns are collected into notebooks. One notebook per project. When returning to this project I was pleasantly surprised to see that past-me had already cut out the pieces for each block, placing them inside the sheet protector accompanying the block pattern. Future-me is very pleased with past-me’s thoughtfulness. It made jumping back into this project much less confusing.

With each previous block, there is a layering process that happens as the pieces are appliqued on. This block was no different. The stem or the leaves could have been appliqued on first, I chose the stem. When those pieces were in place it was time for the flowers. The first flower was the uppermost one because it lays slightly behind the one next to it. The remaining flowers were appliqued on moving down the stem.

With all the appliqued pieces in place, it was back to the light box to trace embroidery lines in pencil. The color of embroidery floss was made after looking at images on Google.

What do you think of how this block turned out?

If you’ve been making these blocks, I’d love to see pics!

Progress #9