Work Basket – Christmas Knitting

It is that time of year.  Every free moment, and let’s face it even the not so free moments, are stolen and applied to the work of the Christmas elves preparing gifts.  (if only it was elves…I would sooooo run a little elf sweat shop!)  I, of course, have put non-Christmas gifts on the back burner until after the holiday is over.

I take my knitting with me, pretty much, everywhere I go.  Squeaking out a few more stitches here and there as I can.  Yesterday I was so very sleepy.  By 8:30pm I was knitting so slowly that I finally gave up in spite of the little voice in my head telling me, “must keep knitting”. The struggle is real people!  😀

sneak peek

I forgot to show you the final picture of D’s birthday hankie!


D always says, “when the pattern calls for  a French knot, just substitute a seed bead”. So, that is exactly what I did!

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