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The Oregonian Modernistic Quilt – Block #10

October 1, 1933

Block No. 10 – The Bluebell


Modernistic or no modernistic, you can take no color liberties with a flower whose name proclaims its hue as definitely as the bluebell’s does. This is block No. 10 of The Modernistic Flower Quilt and presents, incidentally, the only blue flower on the entire coverlet.

Make the bells light in color, for conspicuousness, and make the stitching a darker blue. The stitching which connects them to the stem and the stitching which forms the stamens is orange.

The stem, of course, is green.

The inset in the lower left corner is green and has color bands, inward from the corner, of orange, green and the same blue as the flowers.

The large upper left color spot is green and partly covers an orange spot. The remaining three are largest, orange; green, and the smallest orange.

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