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The Oregonian Modernistic Quilt – Block #12

October 15, 1933

Block No. 12 – The Daisy


You may make this flower, block No. 12 of the Modernistic Flower Quilt, a daisy with yellow center and cream petals, or, for the sake of adding more color, you may call it a black-eyed Susan and make the center brown and the petals yellow.

The latter is probably preferable, but in either case colors not found in the flower must be added by means of the color spots and the bands of the inset to l1ven up the block.

Leaves and stem are green. Leaf stitching is yellow. The inset is green, with bands, from the corner inward, of orange, the petal-color chosen and brown.

The largest spot is green and the half-circle with it orange. The remaining four, in descending order of size, are green, orange, brage and the petal-color.

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