Newspaper Serial Quilts

The Oregonian Modernistic Quilt #15 ~ Poinsettia

November 5, 1933

Block No. 15 – The Poinsettia


The poinsettia, patterned in block No. 15, will have petals of the flower’s familiar flaring vermilion and a center of warm yellow.

Stem and leaves are green, as is the triangular piece toward the center of the block.

The inset at lower left is likewise green, with bands of red and yellow, named from the corner inward. The large spot at the lower end of the stem is yellow and the stitching green. The leaf stitching is yellow.

The four unattached circles are, largest, green: half-circle, red, yellow, and, smallest, green.

Next week – The California Poppy

Last week: Pansy

The Modernistic Flower Quilt

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