Newspaper Serial Quilts

The Oregonian Modernistic Quilt #21 ~ Fuchsia

December 17, 1933

Block No. 21 – The Fuchsia


The fuchsias in block No. 21 of The Modernistic Flower Quilt are like torches held flame downward; the pattern has not been printed upside down, as you might imagine if you were unfamiliar with this head-hanging flower.

The part next the stem is a deep red and the bell and petals a somewhat lighter red. The stitching on the latter is in thread matching the deeper red. The stamen stitching and that on the leaves is yellow.

Stems and the semi-circle at the bottom are green.

The color spots, largest first, are green, half-spot yellow, light red and dark red.

Next week: the zinnia.

Last week: Trillium

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