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Workbasket – Getting Back On Track

There was a time that I would go to Grandma’s Attic Monthly quilt club meeting, come right home, make the quilt block, do the “extra” project (usually embroidery) and have it all done right away.  I look fondly back on those days. 

I have mentioned that this year Grandma’s theme is “Daughters of Genius”. I have been very lax at keeping you up to date on the last few months. The included fabrics are meant to be the “dark” shapes on the patterns. The rest of the fabrics are sewer’s choice.

Shamrock dishcloths:

As soon as I gave out the heart shaped dishcloths, I started on the shamrock ones to be gifted the Wednesday knit night before St.Patrick’s day. My goal was to make 6, just in case everyone actually showed up.  I finished the 6th one that night.  2 people made it that night, DSH & BP. 

Denim Scarf:

Not to jinx this project, but this is the farthest I’ve ever gotten.  18 inches of lacy goodness!

Dolly Dearest:

Remember this project?  A couple of additional rows have been added to the petticoat.  Not that anyone would be able to tell… (I wish I’d measured it last time)

Getting back on track also goes for Nancy Page’s Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt.  All the pieces were quickly put together in a basket to get them out of the way for intense Christmas making.  This week the pieces were rescued from the basket, straightened out and put back into the WIPs queue. Progress posts will be resuming on this up coming Saturday.