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Workbasket – Progress From Behind the Scenes

The last time I worked on the Flower of the Month Embroidery was (groan of dismay) October 27, 2020 (Goodness, that was almost a full year ago). It wasn’t the lack of WIPs that caused me to work on it. It was the lack of bringing any other projects to work with me. Good thing I keep a project at work, just in case!

Something old being made new again

This project is a labor of love. The fabric is from an old quilt that was too worn. After have taken it apart, this fabric was found to be VERY THIN. It was important to use THIS fabric. The solution was to sew it to a new piece of fabric to stabilize it. The plan is to use both layers of fabric as if they are one.

One. More. Time!

Does this project look familiar? It should because this is my second time around. Remember the coffee stain that I couldn’t get out? I had stain treated and washed it multiple times, and still it remained plainly visible. The revised plan called for unpicking the blanket down to the stained area and re-knitting up from there. Due to the repeated washings, the yarn had pilled all over. Plan B was given up in frustration. On to Plan C: start over. Last time around the center panel, the bottom and top borders, and both side borders were all knit separately (as the book instructed). Since the top and bottom borders had the same 180 stitches as the center panel, that’s where I started. They will not need to be attached after the fact.

This project has actually been finished for a while now. Because it had already been given as a gift, I had to go over to their house to snap this pic. I loved how it turned out, especially with the Reverse Single Crochet Shell trim. The color was chosen to match the accent wall in their nursery. A post with a little more construction detail is coming…

Although The Light of Earendil Shrug hasn’t had much progress lately, it is much further along than the last time you were updated. That light yellow thread is the 1/2 way mark. It is where this whole project started. The stitches having been picked up and the provisional cast-on stitches removed.

Grandma’s Flower Garden Quilt – Basket piecing
Grandma’s Flower Garden Quilt – Block #1

Progress on the Grandma’s Flower Garden Quilt.