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Workbasket – WIP’s, UFO’s & PHD’s

Recently I have been able to post finished projects.  This is not a true reflection of my reality.  In the real world, my workbasket is full of WIP's (works in progress), UFO's (unfinished objects) and PHD's (projects half done). If they aren't in the workbasket, then they are hidden in the sewing room, allowing for… Continue reading Workbasket – WIP’s, UFO’s & PHD’s

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Make Do & Mend Monday – Coat seam

Mending is mending.  Mostly I mend for myself, but there are times it is for other people including my co-workers.  Recently one such co-worker brought a brand new waterproof coat in with a seam that had unraveled, asking if it could be fixed. Pretty easy fix. Using the stitching holes that were already there and… Continue reading Make Do & Mend Monday – Coat seam

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Make-do & Mend Monday – My/Pixie’s blanket

Many years ago, DW's momma crocheted me a beautiful blanket in purple/lavender/pink yarn.  As soon as Pixie saw it, She KNEW it was for her.  I don't want to give human emotions to a dog however, her face visibly changed expression when she saw this blanket. For awhile I maintained a brave front in the… Continue reading Make-do & Mend Monday – My/Pixie’s blanket

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Make-do and Mend Monday : Let’s Break the shackles of fast fashion.

Rationing of clothing (and other things) was a large part in the lives of British citizens during WWII. This was before it was 'acceptable' to wear sleeping pajamas or workout wear to run about town.  People had to be careful how they spent their clothing coupons and needed to maintain the garments that they already… Continue reading Make-do and Mend Monday : Let’s Break the shackles of fast fashion.

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Mending Monday – A little of this and a little of that

Fitting little mending projects in here and there as I can.  This is what I was able to complete since we last talked about such things: Double seemed up the small tear in the key pocket of a pair of bf's running shorts. Let the hem down in a pair of second hand pants that… Continue reading Mending Monday – A little of this and a little of that

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2018 Year End Review…

It is the end of the year and I survived.  This hasn't been my toughest year, but it tried to be in the running.  This blog started in March, so it isn't even a full year to review. Which is OK because my life has been fractured enough that I haven't been able to work… Continue reading 2018 Year End Review…