Monthly Mending – August 2021

(This may be a post of failed mends that have been made right) On June 2nd, I mentioned that I would be sending this jacket off to be mended. I filled out the estimate request form using as much detail as I was able and received the estimate quote the next day. To my cheap… Continue reading Monthly Mending – August 2021

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Workbasket – Progress From Behind the Scenes

Flower of the Month Embroidery Block - January The last time I worked on the Flower of the Month Embroidery was (groan of dismay) October 27, 2020 (Goodness, that was almost a full year ago). It wasn't the lack of WIPs that caused me to work on it. It was the lack of bringing any… Continue reading Workbasket – Progress From Behind the Scenes


Monthly Mending – July 2021

This started as a mend before going array. The three little snaps, that held the wrap closed at the cleavage, needed to be moved just a bit. After trying on the dress and marking the desired new placement of the snaps, I settled in to carefully remove them. Not carefully enough, apparently, because I clipped… Continue reading Monthly Mending – July 2021


Monthly Mending ~ May 2021

DW's favorite mask broke the little metal band inside. We can't be having that. The lining was opened at the seam to be able to get to the broken part. Once open it was easy to remove the old one and replace it with a new one. Then, using white thread, closed the seams. Viola!… Continue reading Monthly Mending ~ May 2021


Mending Monday ~ Shirt, Bag, & Boots

A little hole in the back of a staple of my wardrobe, a black turtleneck (I have several). The repair looks much more rough than it looks in real life. Also IRL, the dog hair doesn't show up so much. 😉 This was a "stitch in time" scenario. By fixing this little hole while still… Continue reading Mending Monday ~ Shirt, Bag, & Boots