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Monthly Mending – April 2022


This black cardigan sweater is my go-to sweater.

It can be worn with most outfits I wear to work. I am a woman ”of a certain age” with all the body temperature dis-regulation that goes along with that age (read: hot flashes). Not only does this sweater see many days at work, but while there it is repeatedly taken off and put back on many times throughout each day. A hole in a side seam was a most unpleasant surprise.

Thankfully it was also an easy fix. Never even spent a day out of the rotation. 😀


The Lemon dress is making another guest appearance. The facing was a little “floppy”, and would turn to the outside while I was wearing it.

Not a huge deal, but I wanted to quickly fix it. It did take a few days longer than my plan, but Pixie really wanted to use it as a cushion.

no longer floppy

There were multiple evenings where I started working on it and was pulled away for a moment, only to come back and Pixie had made her claim. She was happy and I wasn’t in any hurry, so I just let her enjoy her spot.


My umbrella strap has 2 small pieces of hook-and-loop fastener. When the strap wraps around the umbrella, the little squares of Velcro meet and hold the umbrella closed. Both of the small squares were coming un-sewn and lifting.

A little Shoe-goo and some binder clips later, and all was better.


I had been wanting a full slip, which are not as easy to find as they were when I was younger. If a modern full slip is to be found, they are more like a control garment. I just wanted a loose flowing one. I had a longer sleeping gown that doubled nicely as a full slip. I managed to get out of the house before noticing that the lace was too long for the dress I was wearing and peeked out below the hem. When I got to work, I set at my desk and basted up the “slip” lace (yes, while I was wearing it).

After arriving home, my plan was to put in a couple of pin tucks to bring up the hem line. I decided that it would be too much fussy work that would keep me from doing other things. Then I decided to remove the lace, move it up and change the hemline. That was also going to be fussy. This is something that others won’t be able to see. I did like the lace, but not so much that I wanted to spend all kinds of time on this mend for something that really didn’t make a huge difference. The whole fix was the removal of the lace and re-sew the little hem. Done! 🙂

Thank you Pixie for wiping your feel on my slip as I was trying to get a picture

Ball Winder:

Surprise ball winder and a great value! HK (DIL) brought me something that she found at GW for $4.

She stated that it had the word “Loom” on it and she thought I might like it. I was pretty sure that it was a ball winder. After their visit, I decided to look it up to see what I could find out about it. It was branded “Heritage Looms”. Upon looking that brand up, I found the item (or, one very similar to it) with a different brand. They were being sold for considerably more than $4 ($235.00 ). The one that I had was missing it’s bands. I was able to find replacement bands from The Woolery for $20. The bands arrive less than a week later. The ball winder is now operational and like new!

Wind Chime:

My sister had placed this wind chime as a memorial for our dear departed family members. It had been out in the weather for several seasons, causing the strings to age, fail, and the pipes to fall off. I took it home to repair.

Originally the pipes were attached with one long length of string. When part of the string broke, all the pipes worked themselves loose. To re-string the pipes, I used a heavy duty beading cord.

I wasn’t happy with it’s ability to knot (or to not knot, as the case may be). What I ended up doing was to make many knots. Then used a needle to work the ends back through the knots.

Hopefully this repair will last a long time.