Make do and Mend

I missed you last week.  Between moving a parent in with us, teaching a safety class and being sick-sick-sick I didn’t get much done in RL or on this blog.

I did do some things though:

Hemmed a pair of DW’s pants
Under careful supervision of Pixie, curtains for Mom were hemmed
Walther was the supervisor and quality control for the mending of a tear in the flannel sheets


mended worn out fabric in a young girl’s FAVORITE leggings
Finished the one lonely Boutis lavender sachet
Hemmed the first opaque layer and trimmed the two layers of tulle on a wedding gown
Began thread marking the hem for the second opaque layer of wedding gown

WOW!  looking back at pics snapped while working, I was surprised that so much had gotten finished. I honestly felt that last week had been a bust.  It is good to keep track of things.  It is easy to forget what has been done in the process of working through more unfinished projects.

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