Taji 100 Challenge

This is my 3rd year participating in the Taji 100 Challenge. I found out about it because of my association/membership in Team Red White & Blue (RWB). The links have more interesting and thorough descriptions. Very quick explanation is to do (run/walk) 100 miles in the month of February (the shortest month of the year).

In past years I just took the 100 miles and divided it by 28 to get the number of miles I HAD to do each day to make my goal. Easy enough, 3.58 miles per day.

This year I didn’t feel like giving up my Wednesday Knitting nights of which there are 4. This brings me down to 24 days, 4.17 miles per day. But wait… there’s more (or actually less).

Because of a doctor appointment, I also need to lose the last 2 days of the month, bringing me down to 22 days, 4.55 miles per day.

We already run 3.5 miles on Friday mornings with the Eagles (RWB), this would put me in a deficit of 1.27 miles for the day. There are 4 Fridays in this February. That makes the monthly overall deficit of 5.08 miles.

Then there was the ice storm. This prevented us from running for 3 days. About now, my head is ready to explode. Teaching has resumed and each range day is about 4 walking miles. If I run before or after class then there are those miles too. If I run slower, then I can run longer and make up miles. So far, so good. This is the progress so far:

5run (Friday)3.5618.7681.24
13walk (ice)1.0246.852.18
17run (no knit)5.0171.4328.57
19run (Friday)3.680.5319.47
20teach (cancelled)(4.0)
21teach (cancelled)(4.0)
26run (Friday)(3.5)
2021 Taji 100 progress

Hmmm… The weekend classes just got cancelled due to being utilized as storm damaged wood drop-off sites. I have 5 (for sure) days to meet my goal of 100 miles. With 19.47 miles to go, one of those days being a Friday (3.5), I will need to run 4.0 miles each of the other 4 days. That is to just scrape by. I was hoping for a little better finish than “just scraping by”. If the weather is good on the weekend, I may run twice each day. If I am feeling up to physical exertion on the 27th and 28th, I can double up each of those days also.

We will have to see.

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