Mending Madness ~ Shirt, Bag, & Boots

A little hole in the back of a staple of my wardrobe, a black turtleneck (I have several). The repair looks much more rough than it looks in real life. Also IRL, the dog hair doesn’t show up so much. 😉

This was a “stitch in time” scenario. By fixing this little hole while still little, keeps it from becoming large. I use this zippered back to keep my pairs of socks in while washing. Thus keeping both socks of each pair instead of ending up with a large pile of sock orphans.

For this repair, the before pic and after pic would have looked the same. These are my yard boots. The old ones had died and were replaced with these. They keep the water and mud out just perfectly. However, the insole would work it’s way up and out as I walked around… every time. I sprayed the bottom of the insoles and inside of the boots. Then carefully inserted the insoles back into each boot, sticking them completely down. Right away they were working as I wanted, by staying in place. 🙂

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