Oh so close to being finished

This was a project that packs small, so it got to go with me on the weekend away to Tillamook. This is the last towel in the set of 7. I will finally be able to send it to whom it was intended, several years ago.

They were just about finished last week. Only the neck bands to be measured and have velcro glued on. They will be going to him this Friday.

Progress is progress, even if it is only 2 rows! This project has been in a timeout for awhile now. Those two rows has rekindled my desire to work on this project again. Being so

Knitting in public day

Although I have already mentioned Knitting in Public Day, I wanted to claim this progress on the Dolly Dearest project.

Iron Yarn Challenge yarn

Most of my progress was made working on the Iron Yarn Challenge. DW really likes it so far. šŸ˜‰

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