Dolly Dearest:

The under petticoat and the over petticoat are finished.

They. Don’t. Fit.

The under petticoat really only goes 1/2 around. If it had been tried on before perhaps I would have made 2. the over petticoat doesn’t go down over her head. It just leaves her arms stuck above her head. (sigh) You’d think that I’d know better by now, but no. I should have swatched. I’m bummed and had to decide what to do. As I saw it, I had 2 choices:

  • start over with the whole project
  • keep going

I have decided to keep going. I think it is pretty, even if it doesn’t fit the smallest doll I have.

Denim Scarf:

Not very impressive, but it is finished! It just needs blocking…

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