Possibly Gross – Laundry

I noticed that my light colored under-lovelies were grey instead of white, after only a few runs through the very unimpressive washing machine. :-/

I decided to hand wash the delicates and my socks.  I divided them into lights and darks and then started with the lights.

A couple of years ago I found this glass lingerie washing board.  I whip it out each time that I do some hand washing in the bathroom sink.


I’m not saying that the washer sucks, but the water already had a grey cast to it after 3 small pieces of washed lingerie.  (gross)

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After finishing with the lights, I tossed in the darks to have a little soak as I scrubbed the white edges of my black sweater.  I was really pleased with how white I was able to get them.


After finishing with the darks:

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The water is super dingy, ewwww.  I am pretty sure that most of this dinge was the leavings from the washer.  I won’t be using the washer any more, for things that sit very close to my skin.

The good news is that the rinse water came out clear!

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