Monthly Mending – July 2021

This started as a mend before going array. The three little snaps, that held the wrap closed at the cleavage, needed to be moved just a bit. After trying on the dress and marking the desired new placement of the snaps, I settled in to carefully remove them. Not carefully enough, apparently, because I clipped… Continue reading Monthly Mending – July 2021


Workbasket – Lemon Dress Finished

It was mostly finished in this post. Technically, I only needed to hem the dress. The original pattern shows a much lower hem as was the fashion in 1930. Being that I am a future person, I wasn't sure that I liked the looks of a low hem on me. The hem is pretty deep… Continue reading Workbasket – Lemon Dress Finished


Lemon Dress

On May 4th, I shared several cotton fabrics that I intended to make into summer dresses for myself. I really like lemon prints so, of course, I started with the lemon fabric. If you don't remember, this is the pattern that I wanted to make. The version with the sleeves and collar. Being super excited… Continue reading Lemon Dress


WIPs vs. UFOs

So, in my mind there is actually a difference between the two. A WIP (work in progress) is something that I am currently or have been recently (and intend to go back to shortly) been working on. A UFO is something that I haven't worked on in a LONG time or have set aside for… Continue reading WIPs vs. UFOs

Workbasket · Yard

Workbasket Wednesday

In my usual, pre Covid-19, world Wednesday was for Knitting Night.  Therefore it should be the best day of the week to get some knitting done, Right? Wrong.  Over an hour of knitting left me with 2 rows fewer than I started with.  :-/ (I figured out that it was Tuesday, not Wednesday.  Maybe that… Continue reading Workbasket Wednesday


Workbasket – quick update

Sadly, most of my UFO's, PHD's, WIP's, etc's have had no progress. The grey layette is exactly where I left it a week ago: None of the new wrap dresses have even been started: Although, I did get a second vintage pattern to make the dresses though... I didn't start the bee quilt: The blocked… Continue reading Workbasket – quick update


Workbasket – UFO updates

These five washed fabrics are now ironed and ready to be used.  The bee fabric is for a quilt for Son.  All the other fabrics are for wrap around dresses or "Hoverett" using Mrs. Depew pattern #3073. 5 new UFO's. Grey Layette: Lavender Layette: Wedding dress alterations: Denim lace shawl: