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Workbasket Wednesday – Tying up Loose Ends

Last week, I mentioned finding another soft-book panel in my stash.  When I removed the staples and opened it up… it was a panel, but not for making a soft-book. While it is still cute, it is more for making a quilt top.

I thought that I had already mentioned the finishing of the Dr. Who towel – Dalek. In looking back, I had not mentioned it, but I had finished it. All seven have been gathered and sent to R&M. R wrote that she loved it!

Since the last time I posted about the Earendil shrug project, on June 16th, I have made a little tiny bit of progress. It may not look like it, but if you compare this pic:

to the picture in the last post, you should notice that the bit of knitting past the dental floss life line is a little bit bigger.  All progress counts, right?

My Dolly Dearest knitting is the project that never ends.  It was originally started in January 2019, as part of Historic Sew Monthly. Then it got set aside so long that I forgot where I was in the process.  I frogged it and started over.  Since the last time that I had mentioned this project, I have started in on the skirt of the second petticoat.

This first picture is from Franklin Habit’s pattern, the second is my progress so far.

In an earlier post I mentioned that I was knitting for the new little one. I have finished this project and will write it up soon.

Last week’s knitting night, I needed a new project to work on.  By new, I meant that I’d finished the current project I had been working on.  I turned to my UFO pile and came up with this one:

The last time I actually was November 25, 2019.  I REALLY didn’t know where I had left off.  So, yah, I frogged the whole thing and started over.  This is the time that I will actually finish this project.

6 rows so far…

Future Workbasket