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Workbasket #9

Workbasket #8 Holidays certainly have a way of getting in the way of completing projects while at the same time giving us projects to work on (with a tight deadline, no less). Birthday hankies in progress.  They are both completed. I can show you The "W" because I have already given this gift: M loved the… Continue reading Workbasket #9


My new Christmas Scarf

Christmas is fast approaching as are the many catalogs.  In fact, they have been arriving daily since before Halloween!  Usually I consider them great fire starting material, but sometimes something will catch my eye. This scarf had a lovely print on it that would carry me all the way through the Yule Tide season.  It… Continue reading My new Christmas Scarf


Mending Monday #2

Mending #1 A co-worker of mine, does Santa gigs every year.  His suit was getting a little bit worn and he asked me to do some changes/repairs. Over time the belt loops had torn little holes in the fabric that needed to be repaired.  The belt loops also needed to be lowered because Santa has… Continue reading Mending Monday #2

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Workbasket #8

Workbasket #7 Catching up! I wouldn't let myself start writing another post, of any kind, until I had finally finished the trip reports.  Today I finished the last of those reports!  Whoop-whoop!! I have been working on projects in between the 40 hour work week, the weekend teaching gig, social events and my online college… Continue reading Workbasket #8